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USA Cycling Removes Junior Fees to Encourage Youth Participation, Support Mission

By: Bouker Pool  November 17, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – On Friday, USA Cycling announced that it would make all Junior Memberships free, as they continue to pivot to membership-supported programming that encourages youth participation, supports the return to riding & racing events, and champions team USA athletes on the road to the Olympic Games.

“The lack of in-person events continues to challenge the cycling community across the country and although we have certainly felt the effects of this, it has given us an opportunity to reevaluate how we better serve our members and the sport.” said Rob DeMartini, CEO of USA Cycling, “We used the pause in events to realign the ways we support a future of cycling that is bigger, bolder, more supportive, and more inclusive. We believe USA Cycling should have a meaningful impact in growing rider participation at all ages and levels and we are excited to expand the ways we do just that.”

Heading into 2021, USA Cycling’s additional mission-driven programming includes:

  • Leading the return to riding with crucial COVID safety resources and event subsidies.
  • Driving youth rider participation with free membership and nationwide skills camps.
  • Nurturing inclusive, equitable and accessible events by incentivizing race organizers.
  • Supporting the performance of dozens of America's best riders at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Recent initiatives, like the support for the formation of HBCU and TCU collegiate cycling programs, made possible by industry partners EF Pro Cycling and Cannondale, are emblematic of the intentional approach by USA Cycling.

These areas of focus, programs, participation and performances, as outlined by DeMartini, are meant to guide USA Cycling’s impact on cycling in America, growing the sport by eliminating barriers to participate and creating a more welcoming experience for all American riders.

We Champion Programs

USA Cycling champions programs that encourage new riders and provide them the resources and expertise to enjoy their next ride. Supporting young riders by removing financial barriers to participate, sharing expertise at nationwide skills camps and hosting a new National High School Cycling Festival are some of the new programs in 2021 meant to aid this pursuit.

We Champion Participation

USA Cycling champions critical infrastructure to support cycling events across the country. Thousands of grassroots races and rides rely on the essential insurance, safety guidance, resources, regulations and Officials support that make local events happen. Ensuring accessible and inclusive events are available to all cyclists is crucial, especially as thousands of riders across the country have recently discovered the joy of riding a bike.

We Champion Performances

USA Cycling champions world class athlete performance to increase the relevance of American cycling. Excelling on the world stage, Kate Courtney, Sepp Kuss, Neilson Powless, Connor Fields, and Hannah Roberts are just a few examples of the excellent talent this country has developed across disciplines. Through soon to be announced programming, and in conjunction with the many excellent youth development programs, we will support an additional 120 young riders preparing to compete at the highest levels of the sport on an annual basis.

We Champion Riders

Whether you race your bike regularly or only ride with family and friends on the weekend, we aim to champion every rider’s next ride. A USA Cycling membership supports the essential programs, participation and performances in the sport and provides members with exclusive access to discounts, resources and expertise year-round.

USA Cycling membership and USA Cycling Foundation donations are critical to championing a better future for all of American cycling. Please consider becoming a member or making a donation to the Foundation today.