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How Kelsey Erickson will #LeadHerForward

By: Kelsey Erickson  February 02, 2020

Sports are much more than just a game or just a competition. Sports are an opportunity to learn more about yourself and develop skills that will benefit you in and out of competition. National Girls and Women in Sports Day is all about celebrating and encouraging the involvement of females in sports, so more women can emerge as leaders in sports and life. At USA Cycling, we are lucky to have so many talented and passionate women that are committed to connecting girls and women to cycling. Here’s what they have to say about their experiences in sports and how they use their love for sports to enact change.

Kelsey Erickson, SafeSport Director

I have been involved in sport for as long as I can remember. I was a multi-sport high school athlete and then a collegiate basketball (undergrad) and volleyball (master’s) student-athlete, and ultimately got my degrees in Sport Psychology. My involvement in sport as an athlete has evolved into my current passion for creating and cultivating a positive, safe and successful athletic experience for all. My role at USA Cycling is SafeSport Director and Anti-Doping Lead and I would define my overarching responsibility (and passion) as sporting integrity and athlete well-being.

I have always been amazed and enthralled by the way that sport can break down barriers and unite communities and people. No matter where you are from, what language you speak or what experiences you have had, we can all come together through the universal language of sport. Sports have a unique way of empowering and uniting people and my desire is for each individual who enters the sport of cycling in the USA to experience that – a sense of belonging, comradery and success.

History of the Celebration from Women's Sports Foundation

"The Women’s Sports Foundation was established in 1974 to advance the lives of women and girls through sports and physical activity. February 5, 2020, marks the 34th Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day (NGWSD). This celebration inspires girls and women to play and be active, to realize their full power. The confidence, strength and character gained through sports participation are the very tools girls and women need to become strong leaders in sports and life."

Join us in Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day February 5th, 2020!