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Haley Batten's #RideToTokyo

By: Angelina Palermo  June 30, 2020

With Haley’s nomination to the mountain bike Olympic long team, we’re excited to see her get one step closer to achieving her Olympic dreams. We talked with Haley and asked her about the top 10 moments in her life that have made her the athlete that she is today.

My journey on two wheels all began when I was four years old during the two year stint my family was living in Holzgerlingen, Germany.

Growing up in Park City, UT provided an incredible riding community and local race series. My dad was my #1 riding partner growing up and I followed him into the racing scene when I was 9. My passion for mountain biking was sparked and it really took off from there. During that time I raced and rode with a whole crew of boys (there weren’t many girls my age racing) and I think that played a big role in making me the rider I am today.

Cross-country skiing and racing was a big part of my youth and continues to be part of my training to this day. I truly love how different this sport is from mtb and have incredible mentors from this sport that I have learned so much from.

In the 2012 National Championships I won my first junior title, the year of the London Olympics. This was the start of my Olympic dream and I clearly remember the award ceremony where they brought Team USA into the stage. Later that year I watched Georgia Gould get the bronze medal and Lea Davison place 11th, but I could not have predicted that I would become teammates with both of them on the Clif (LUNA) Pro Team.

I had the opportunity to race in Europe for the first time when I was 14 with USA Cycling and I finished on the podium in all three of the events we did. This introduced me to the realm of international racing and really gave me the desire to see what I am capable of at this level.

My freshman year I joined the NICA high school mountain bike league with the Park City team. This experience taught me the value of community in pursuing your goals and the connections that I made have stayed with me to this day.

When I was 17 I got on my first pro team. The Clif pro team, previously the LUNA pro team, was the longest running and most successful all women’s World Cup mtb team at the time. My teammates were not only my role models, but they became my great friends and I am forever thankful that this team supported me as I developed into an elite racer.

In 2017, I started at Quest University Canada in Squamish, BC. This school has provided me with e special community and balance, while the riding terrain has really advanced my skills as a mountain biker.

In my first year racing u23 world cups I finally had the chance to experienced the thrill and challenges of racing at the world class level. My first race was an all out sprint into the top ten and I finished the season fourth in the overall series.

Two years later in 2019 I got my first U23 World Cup podiums and win. This was the leap forward I needed to show myself and the world what I am capable of.

2020 started off with a bang with competitive international race wins in February and this has really given me motivation and confidence to hold onto throughout the unknowns of this year. I’m proud to have the support of Specialized Racing and USA Cycling as I chase my Olympic dreams.

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