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Get to know Team Swift

By: Cecilia Patten  July 31, 2020

Team Swift is a community-based youth cycling program from Fulton, CA for 10-18-year-olds. Their mission is to develop elite bicyclists from beginners in a defined geographic region. Team Swift guides these athletes through the different development stages as junior cyclists by providing resources including equipment, coaching, and technical advice. Team Swift also teaches the rules and etiquette of cycling to help create good ambassadors for our sport as well as good community members.

We had the opportunity to speak with Laura Charameda, the director and a coach, for Team Swift Junior Development, and ask about their team goals and their sweet kits!

What are the goals of Team Swift?

The organization was developed as a system to identify, recruit, and develop cyclists from a small demographic region, give them resources and experience to move to higher levels of the sport. A guiding principle within Team Swift has been to contribute positively and significantly to cycling in America. Team Swift has an active coaching program with structured training plans for beginning to elite levels of racers along with a full year of racing and training rides.

With more than 20 years of successful operation, we have a proven track record of excellent athletic results and National Championship victories. Team Swift has been given the annual national award by USACDF twelve times. More importantly, top Team Swift graduates frequently are selected to represent the United States on the US National Team and even into the professional ranks. As a Center of Excellence program, Team Swift has supported by USA Cycling for over 15 years.

Is there a story behind your team kits?

The story behind the kits is that the logo on the front represents wings. Swift is a very fast and skilled bird which is why we say Be Strong, Be Fast, Be Swift. We matched the color of the wings with our celeste Bianchi Bikes.

Here is a video from Team Swift clothing sponsor made at the San Dimas Stage Race Time Trial!