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Get To Know DcDevo

By: Cecilia Patten  July 22, 2020

The dcDEVO program represents a new vision for regional U19 elite cycling in the Mid-Atlantic region. The goal is to offer a focused, sustainable organization dedicated to supporting a nationally recognized U19 racing program founded on teamwork, professionalism, and holistic personal development for young men and women.

DC Velo Ltd/ dcDEVO Racing Academy is a small development team located in Washinton D.C. that seeks to create one of the top U19 programs in the country to compete in national and international races against the best teams.

We had the opportunity to check in with Chris, one of the managers of the program. to learn more about the program and understand their team goals!

What is the main focus of dcDEVO?

The dcDEVO Racing Academy program built on the initial success of the DC Velo development program. We decided to up our game significantly after winning the 15-16 nationals road race in 2019 and placing our young riders at the top in regional men’s elite races and major junior races like Green Mountain. In the first two races of the year (Valley of the Sun and the Tour of Southern Highlands) before the shelter-in-place orders necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we placed nearly all our riders on the podium in the 15-16s and 17-18s. We are looking forward to next season when hopefully the pandemic comes under control. With two of our top 15-16 riders advancing, next year we believe we can field one of the strongest 17-18 teams in the country in year two of a new program.

Is there a story behind your team kits?

The dcDevo Racing Academy team kits by Eliel Cycling capture the new vision for the team. Before this season, the development team raced in the DC Velo team kit. After committing to taking the program to the next level, we decided to give the team its own identity, but one that reflects the continued close relationship between the team and the DC Velo organization that supports it. The kit also incorporates our key supporters and sponsors, including the elite amateur team Total Civil Construction/Battley and Conte’s Bike Shop. We developed the kit in collaboration with the Battley team by incorporating the iconic Battley DC flag logo on the sleeves, and the DC Velo brand, but also created a new look. Masters riders in the area wear the jersey and thanks to Eliel those jersey orders help fund the team!

What is the importance of supporting youth cycling teams?

Providing strong regional platforms for elite young riders in the United States is important to the future of the sport. We need to expand those opportunities and ensure that national-level junior racing remains competitive with as many strong teams as possible. DC Velo and our supporters recognize that youth cycling is the responsibility of experienced riders who love racing and want to see the sport survive. By providing the resources for young riders to compete at the national level, we can help local clubs and the parents of riders who want to make the jump. We want to inspire young riders to set high goals and then help them navigate the demands of a sport that is often new to them and to their parents. They need a strong platform to meet the demands of higher-level training, travel, race and team strategy and race support. That is beyond what most local clubs can provide. We hope to expand the program and forge connections with other local clubs as much as we can so that there is a clear pathway to success within the region. We have already seen how the dcDevo team’s amazing early success has been an inspiration for the club and other riders in the area.

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Header photo by Ron Short