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Coaching Newsletter - Volume 7

By: Jon Tarkington  May 11, 2023

It's May, and racing is in full swing!

By now, many coaches have visited and tried out Chat-GPT4 or something similar. These types of AI models are fascinating and it's worth reflecting on their potential impact as you look towards the future of the coaching. These future technologies are something we are keeping in mind as we continue to work on revising our level curriculum and making program updates. As our program grows, it needs to be pliable and adapt to changes in both available information and shifts in the coach/athlete relationship.

June, July, and August will be busy months as we roll out website updates, some partnership expansions, and continue to update the program. Don't miss your chance to be a part of it by engaging with our Coach Connection and Employer Meet-Up series!

As part of our 2023 updates, please note the upgrade clinic offerings below. The upgrade process will see minor changes moving forward, and you can read more about the current status of the process here.

2023 Clinics

We’re excited to have clinics outlined for 2023! Registration for the first level 2 clinic will be live as soon as final details are confirmed.

  • July 3rd-5th Bear Creek Mtn Resort

    • Level 2 Clinic only

    • Held in conjunction with 2023 Cross-Country MTB National Championships

    • 3-4 hours from many east coast cities

    • Registration is open!

  • October 22-24, 2023 - Bentonville, AR

    • Level 1 and Level 2

    • Held following after Big Sugar

    • Schedule to allow for traveling early on the 22nd and late on the 24th

  • PREREQUISITE online courses will need to be completed prior to attending. These will be courses specially developed for USA Cycling by Fast Talk Labs. The courses will be available for purchase 2 months in advance of each clinic.

Contract Track Coach Opportunity

USA Cycling is searching for a development track coach who is fluent in Spanish and willing to relocate to the Dominican Republic for up to 12 months. This contract role would be helping to develop U23 and Junior track programs while searching for additional opportunities to positively impact sport growth in other COPACI nations through their experience working in the Dominican Republic. This is an IDEAL role for someone looking for international experience who is driven to see the sport grow and develop in other parts of the world. Experience developing track athletes is required.

Coaches Connection Hour - This Monday

Looking to connect with other coaches? Need to bounce a coaching idea off someone else? Just want to talk shop with people who understand the trials and tribulations of being a cycling Coach? Join us for a pilot session in March. This will be a low-key engagement. We’ll take a few short minutes for program updates then the floor is open. If the group is large enough, we’ll break into smaller groups.

Wednesday, May 15, 3:00 p.m. MT

Coach of the Year

Every year, USA Cycling recognizes excellence in our coaching ranks. We have several categories that are in line with the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s Coach of the Year awards.

  • Elite Coach of the Year

    • Coach of a national-level team, or the coach of an elite athlete who competes at the highest level of their sport

  • Junior Coach of the Year

    • Coach at the youth club, high school or junior level, or a coach directly responsible for training athletes to reach the junior and/or elite level

  • College Coach of the Year

    • Coach affiliated with a Collegiate cycling program

  • Development Coach of the Year

    • Coach who aggressively grows the sport through bringing in new athletes and helping them develop a life-long, healthy love of competitive cycling

  • Volunteer Coach of the Year

    • Coach who does not receive payment in any form for their involvement in coaching at any level

Coaches who are awarded this recognition have been selected from a pool of highly qualified nominations based on:

  1. Their impact on the sport

  2. Their impact on their athletes

  3. The strength and depth of their nominations

2023 Coach of the Year Nominations are currently open. The nomination window will close in August.

Please carefully review the nomination form and consider your answers before submitting your nomination. Multiple USA Cycling members are encouraged to work together on a single nomination for a coach.

USA Cycling Coaching Clothing

Need a new shirt or jacket for spring racing? Head on over to the USA Cycling Store for some new coach clothing! We've got new designs to help show your role at events, practices or just out and about. It's definitely worth checking out.

Fast Talk Labs x USA Cycling

In this video interview, Pete Webber, director of Boulder Junior Cycling, shares his insights into how their development program has evolved—and there’s plenty for coaches to learn from.

Coaching Employers Meet-up Series

USA Cycling would like to help our coach employers engage with each other to talk about issues, ideas, and generally create some industry cohesion. If you've got the time, we've got the zoom meeting to join. We'll have intros and then let the conversation take over.

At this time, these sessions will be limited to companies that employ two or more coaches as part of their day-to-day business. In the next meet-up we will continue our previous conversation that concluded with the idea of "weeding the development garden".


Wednesday, May 24, 11:00 a.m. MT


Friday, August 18, 11:00 a.m. MT


Thursday, November 16, 11:00 a.m. MT

Want to put all four sessions on your calendar? Download the calendar invite below!