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Bike Maintenance for Mountain Biking

By: Parker Ohlmann  July 07, 2020

Here is a brief guide to a bike maintenance schedule of what, when, how and why these processes should be done over the course of the life of your mountain bike.

Regularly/ Weekly

GMBN's Essential Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

For our mountain bikers, here are some essential maintenance tips that you should do pretty regularly, from cleaning and lubing your chain after a ride to checking your bearings. These checks might not seem like much, but doing them often will help keep your bike happy and thus yourself happy out on the trails.

Regular MTB Maintenance Checks You Should Be Doing | Mountain Bike Maintenance

Here are some tips and checks to do every week or two weeks depending on how often you ride during the week. Start with the front of the bike and work your way back from your wheels, making sure your spoke tension is tight and consistent across all spokes to make sure your chain is not worn out, which can cause other parts of your drivetrain to wear out faster.

Every Few Months or Twice A Year

How To Overhaul Your Mountain Bike – Keep Your Bike Riding Like New

If you want to keep your MTB bike feeling like new here are some maintenance tips that you should be doing every couple of months depending on how much you’re riding. This video will cover re-greasing your bearings to bleeding your brakes.

General Maintenance

How To Fix A Flat Tire Trailside

Getting a flat tire is always a bummer especially when you’re out on the trail. If this happens to you or your riding buddy this video will help explain the process to how you will fix your flat, and get back out on the trail.

How To Repair Tubeless MTB Flats & Fix Your Tubeless Tires

Here is a quick tutorial to how to fix your tubeless set up while you’re out on the trail. Sometimes a tube will be needed to fix your flat but there are other solutions to fixing your flats. This video will cover such solutions like letting the tire sealant do its job or using a tire plug to fill in that puncture hole.

Getting To Know Your Bike

6 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Know About Their Bike

Did you ever wonder which direction your pedals tighten on your bike? This video will cover this and much more from how to center your caliper on your rotors to making sure to tighten your seat clamp just to the right amount as you really don’t have to tighten it down super hard.

How To Change Gear On A Mountain Bike

Ever wonder how to avoid that crunching gear sound when you start a steep uphill section while out on your MTB ride. This guide will help you shift smoothly without all that gear crunching and ride with a higher level of finesse while out on the trail.


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