Gary Crandall
Because Bikes Video Series

Because Bikes Ep. 2 - Gary Crandall

By: Parker Ohlmann  July 15, 2020

Gary Crandall is a familiar face to those in the North Woods of Wisconsin, especially when on a bike. Gary has long been a part of the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, but has moved on and now volunteers with the Hayward chapter of the Cycling Without Age organization.

This worldwide organization allows for our elderly population to get that same sensation while being on a bicycle that they used to at an earlier time in their life, and our guest Gary has the luxury of taking those on that familiar ride to feel that rush of wind in their hair.

At the time of recording back in June, Gary is still waiting to get rides started again for 2020 as the program in Hayward has been put on pause for this year, but is excited to get everyone back out to enjoy life on wheels again soon.

You can learn more able the Cycling Without Age organization here: